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A massively oversized chigger, the Juliosaur (if indeed there is only one) spends most of its time prowling the garden of Cimmbrion's zodiac maze. It has led several attacks on town, bringing with it chiggers of all sizes. Bloated Chiggers?, Venomous Chiggers, and common Ona Chiggers may all be found in great number when the Juliosaur mounts an assault on Puddleby.

The Juliosaur is extremely hard to hit, and when it is significantly injured it will burrow into the ground so that it might fight another day. As yet, no Juliosaur has been slain. The Juliosaur once killed BooBoo, though the cat seems to have been resurrected and has since been spotted around town.

According to Soulmaster, the Juliosaur was bioengineered by an ona chigger-turned-evil genius named Julius. While it is possible this chigger exists only in Soulmaster's mind, one must wonder where such a unique and powerful creature as the Juliosaur sprang from. It is as likely an explanation as any.


Fishwrap Interview w/ Soulmaster

Juliosaur Attacks Puddleby

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