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Sometimes called the moon-wyrm, or blue mother, the lesser sarra'don is a larger allosaurid with lean, muscular body and a reflective cyan hide. They are said to resemble a lunar-blue cross between the raptorial rippers, and a grey-wyrm. While lacking the sarra'don's a leonine features, it shares the same elongated talons and muscular body. The lesser moon-wyrm appears to be the only of the two moon-wyrm variety who tends nest, while its more aggressive cousin does not. While called mother in part, they do come in two genders.

Lesser sarra'dons are more defensively oriented, and instead of unbalancing themselves through a rapid but brief barrage of attacks, they attack at regular intervals after allowing their balance to recover. Because of this, they are significantly more difficult to hit than an Angry Mother Sasquatch or a Green Tok'Han. When they do strike, they are less accurate and lack the ability to do damage of their horned cousins. Some suggest this is due to the need to defend their young, and guard a specific territory.

With their bite, their salvia transmits a mild venom, but its impact on a body's functions is unknown. Beyond making the recipient queasy, it has thus far been deemed harmless.

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