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Also called the Green Terror in the west, and more often called a marsh-wyrm or mer-wyrm, the lesser sarra'yrm is embellished by sharp, spiky ridges all down its back and tail, beginning at the crown of the head. Its scales are a vivid green, shining in resplendence from all points but the underside of its body. Sinuous webbing between its talons give it an advantage in the boggy land found throughout Sarra, or swimming through a marsh.

It is the most difficult to strike of Sarra's allosaurid, orienting itself towards evasion more than attack. It is theorised that it is one of the the most difficult creature to hit, due to a constantly wet and armored hide. Most sharp points find it difficult to gain purchase, and a thick layer of blubber seems to deaden the implact of blunt trauma. Despite its focus on defense, the Lesser Sarra'yrm is a worthy attacker and is as yet too accurate to be avoided by any exile except through luck.

When biting, it transmits a powerful spiritual toxin that poisons the spirit of those it attacks. This poison slowly infects the spirit pool and makes it difficult for those such as healers to self-heal. Because of this, it is often surrounded by fighters rather than having its blows absorbed by a team of healers.

The saurian's particularly broad webbed claws and the powerful tail have lead to speculation that it is, or was at one point in history, able to swim. None have been encountered swimming, possibly because the only lake in Sarra is inhabited by the singular plesio'don.

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