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”Knowledge is the key to understanding.” -- Edric

The concept of a library is not one confined to any single location. Nor necessarily confined to any exact means.

In a standard sense, a library is a collection of books, and more often, the physical location in which a collection of books is to be found.

However, a library is very often more than that. A library is the convergence of information and individual, knowledge and mind, heart and logic. The Puddleopedia is a prime example of this.

In the Puddlebean context, the library continues to find itself at the forefront of exile progress and achievement. The two main library buildings, found in the heart of Puddleby, are connected through underground chambers and tunnels, forming a series of four distinct libraries and collections.

Varying remarkably in literary content and educational value, these libraries are run by the librarians Edric, Parric?, Lirric?, and Sebric?. While Edric's library is offered as a free service to all, the others will charge one varying amounts, based on the time spent in their doors reading. The greater the perceived educational value, the greater the cost of patronage.

In Puddleby, libraries are considered a safe haven. As such, exiles often find themselves rallying at times of difficulty in these doors. It has been speculated that, for this reason, many retired exiles choose a library as their final resting place.

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