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As ships from Puddleby travel westward, the air on the deck and the water beneath the hull begin to warm. The murky green of the Lok'Groton seas becomes clearer and clearer - until those leaning over the rails are able to see a variety of bright tropical fish darting below. Looking out, they see an island with pure white shores, joyously colored flowers, and in the distance a neat little town on the edge of green forest. Welcome to Peaceton.

Once upon a time Peaceton was considered a mythical island, first seen by Bran and Xantcha in a drug-induced vision. Now there is a ship docked in Puddleby Island for the express purpose of ferrying exiles to and from the island (for a small fee, of course). As the trip is a long one, most consider Peaceton to be a vacation resort, and visit perhaps once a year.

The economy of the little island has shifted towards pleasing their visitors. In the daytime one is free to visit the tourist's center, while away an afternoon in the bowling alley or one of the many bars, or take a carriage ride around the island. However, when night comes the natives close and bar their doors. The creatures of a Peaceton night are best avoided. Only three doors on the entire island are open at this time - and two don't lock. Be careful!

Other than occasionally being kidnapped by Tok'Hans, hunters tend to have a dull time of it. One may find themselves obsessively hunting down Co'Acha? in order to alleviate the boredom. A small hunting resort was recently added to the island, but is no challenge to the strong.

One of the most popular activities is the ability to dive into the island's Lagoon. Sometimes shells can be found in the clear waters, used in the making of jewelry and instruments.

Some exiles have expressed concern that our influence is damaging the island, once a self-sufficient paradise and now a place for the entertainment of tourists. The hunting resort is the biggest example of this; the natives of Peaceton are inherently peaceful.

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