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Safari is a clan that provides adventure, exploration opportunities and excitement for similarly-ranked exiles. Safari is also dedicated to the community and will rescue fallen exiles whenever possible. An open, friendly Clan that is always seeking new members. Safari hosts a once weekly hunt that is generally open to midlevel fighters, healers and mystics at 10:30pm EST every Friday.

The Clan was founded in Autumn 575 by BlindkanC, Cammie, Hushwing, and Tessamyn. Other members include Aurelie, Cowboy, Urria, Boucher, Umzara, Pucker, TenderLumpling, Brandon, Sikophit, Sailor Earth, Death Hunter, Laceyanne, Catfish Meow and Cheops.

Honorary members (non-members who have been given special status within the clan such as use of the Clan House and to participate in private hunts) currently include: Tafari and Downyfoot.

Several members of Safari (all of whom will remain anonymous) are very proficient in the long lost art of Mephistoing.

All members of Safari are considered active. A designation of inactive will be given if a member declares their intention to leave the game or if they are not seen in Lands for an excess of 6 real world months.

/yell Safari!

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