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Usually carved out of dry, dead, or sandy ground, these pits are subterranean lairs of the gargantuan insects known as Scarmis. To enter such a lair, one must be prepared to slide down a circular hole in the ground surrounded by quickly shifting sands. The size of the surface hole is no indicator of the extent of the Scarmis colony. Rather, the quantity or spread of these entrance holes is more closely linked to the size of the catacombs dug beneath.

Each colony is ruled by a Queen, who produces Scarmis Eggs and usually an army of Larvae. She is kept company by a large guard of Attendants, who act as a group and will sacrifice themselves for her life.

The egg she lays is much prized for the qualities that make it a key ingredient in Luminescent Salves, the cure for Lyfelidaeism.

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