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description is of the People, is female, is a Fighter, and is wearing the symbol of TRAP.

She is very much attached to her good friend Guinness.


Selia’s parents wanted her to be a boy, but they were dismayed when they realized that they had had a little girl. They nearly disowned her, but instead named her Tashia and treated her with little regard. They hated her. They gave her scars and bruises, some of which still have not healed.

When she was 8 years of age, her parents adopted a relative's son, after a tragic incident involving fire left him an orphan. They named him Naome, but, for some reason, they didn’t seem to care about him, either. Selia protected her younger brother with her life, so he rarely got hurt.

When she was 15, Naome 7, her parents died. They were, within a week, taken in by an extremely kind couple. They didn’t seem to like Selia, which she was quite used to, but they adored Naome. They never so much as spared Selia a glance during her stay with them. It was during this year that Selia befriended a wizard. This wizard learned of her past and used a special spell to ease the pain of her past. Selia forgot her name and renamed herself Selia. Naome, however, refused to give up the name Tashia and he tried in vain to remind her of her true self.

After a year of the torture she was put through, Selia decided to leave the home. Naome loved his sister with all of his heart and followed. Selia did little odd jobs, working on whatever money she could get for the two. She bought whatever she could. She constantly reminded him, “Your past is not your future. Who should you let tell you what is right?” Every day she felt sorry for her brother, who could rarely help her, so she pooled some money and bought him a ball to keep him occupied.

This worked for about a week, until the ball rolled onto the road. A carriage came at tremendous speed and popped the ball. Naome, not knowing who was in the carriage, started yelling insults. One of Mobius's lower ranked guards stepped out of the carriage and took Naome by the arm and began pulling him towards the carriage. Selia dropped what she was working on and ran up to them shouting for them to let him go. When the guard tried to take her as well, she punched him in the face and grabbed Naome and began to run, having knocked the guard unconscious.

Out of sight of the guards, she set Naome down and looked around. For several months everything went normally, for them, until one fateful day a few months later. Selia was out to buy a loaf of bread and the store owner wasn’t currently present. While waiting, Selia picked up a loaf of bread, just as a guard walked in to accuse her of stealing. No matter how much she protested, he wouldn’t listen. The store owner walked in at just the wrong moment and claimed he had not seen Selia, giving the guard further evidence.

He took her by the arm and she told him she had to get her brother. So he accompanied her there, and Selia said nothing as her sobs were blocking every sound she made. They were shoved into the carriage and they rode to the prison. They stayed there for the night.

The next day they were brought to court where some guards recognized them as “the kids that almost murdered one of the guards." The first thing she yelled out was, “Let go of Naome! He did nothing wrong! I’m the one who did it!” Naome was duly taken away. Selia, expecting she be let out too, followed him. But just as she was about to exit, the guard grabbed her.

She looked up at him, confused. She, to this day, remembers his glare as he told her she was going to be exiled. She protested, claiming that she wasn’t even stealing and she was only protecting her brother. She attempted to punch this soldier as well, but his grip on her was too firm, she kicked and yelled for Naome to be taken with her when she blacked out. One of the guards had hit her head with the handle of his sword.

She awoke tied up and felt herself shoved onto a boat. Selia remembers the smell of salt water lurking in the air, as if it were stalking her. The last word she heard was Naome yelling, “Tashia!” before she lost consciousness again.

She awoke once more, this time being shook hard. She could remember nothing of what happened. Some one rushed over and set something cold on Selia’s eye- it was a purple black and both eyes were nearly red. She was in pretty bad condition.

Slowly other exiles helped her remember her past. She quickly realized that her fellow exiles were far kinder than any of the villagers she once knew back on the mainland.

She finally felt at home. Now she only hopes for a sign that Naome is alright. Learning from her parents, she loves fighting. She hopes for a new and better life on Puddleby and only wishes Naome were there to enjoy it with her.

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