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Fen'neko is what this proud race calls themselves. Translated into the Common tongue this becomes: The People.

While they range from five to six feet tall, they tend on average to be somewhat shorter than humans. They have long tails, high pointed ears, and are covered with short dense fur. Fur coloration and markings having considerable import to those Fen'neko living on Shan Deral under the Ascendancy. These markings have much to do with class and social status. Undoubtedly this rigid social structure represents the remains of the caste based ruling system employed by the Fen'neko prior to Ascendancy Rule. Fen'neko living in exile seem to be less concerned with such social niceties.

The Fen'neko live mostly in the northwestern portions of Shan Deral. Their nation was divided into four protectorate states following their defeat by Mobius' armies during the third Unification war. These protectorates were Arr'unko, encompassing the area just south of the Ne'ar'at Mountains and the Pyan'sharr peninsula, Fen'yarr, encompassing the northeastern plains territories, Fen'norlas, encompassing the forests of Norlan and the Moonwood, and Arr'shan to the far south. Portions of one of these original Protectorates were later ceded to the Ascendancy to provide homes for the Ghorak Zo. Despite years of Ascendancy rule the very nature of the Fen'neko inspires them to continue to resist and seek independence.

The Fen'neko are known for their rigid social structure, which is heavily feudal, and dynastic. The are also know for their vibrant art and dance forms, being a lithe and graceful race.

Many Fen'neko, especially those who were raised in traditional Fen'neko settings react harshly to being referred to as Cats, or Kitties. Among such individuals, the terms may be considered racial slurs. Fen'neko raised in less traditional settings may be less sensitized to these terms.

The Kyttyn are similar and related race newly arrived in the Lok'Groton Isles.

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