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For other races, the Kyttyn are hard to understand. Sometimes they seem to be lazy and sleepy the whole day, but from one second to the other they will jump up and start acting fast as a lightning. They are strong, fast and enduring, but also very intelligent. The only thing they fear is water - maybe that is the reason for their dislike of the Maqua race. Most Kyttyn are fighters, but there can be also found many healers and mages among them. Other races say that the Kyttyn are a very snobbish race. They are proud and behave very aristocratic. Most Kyttyn very very expensive clothes with high boots and their preferred weapon is the rapier.

  • Jungle Kyttyns: Living in the hot and wet jungle areas, these Kyttyn are the ones who are mostly used to water, which doesn't mean that they love it. They know how to move and fight in very dense environments. As they are very good protected by their natural habitat there are not too many fighters among them.
  • Wood Kyttyns: The clans of the Wood Kyttyns are well know as very fierce fighters. They are famous for their fast attacks and they can disappear even faster. Especially Nors hate this way of fighting.
  • Desert Kyttyns: A very special, but also very rare Kyttyn culture are the Desert Kyttyns. In contrast to the other cultures, they prefer to live in Rocks instead of trees. They hate water even more than the other Kyttyn.

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