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Shakyamuni is a Halfling, is male, is a Healer, and is wearing the symbol of Order of the White Elephant.

He is married to Nettle and Drablak.

Shakyamuni's story:

I remember--I had one brother, some years older than me. My father was a Mystic and my mother a Healer. I was raised in this happy family near Palisadra Cliffs in North Shire.

While I was still very young, Zo forces came one day and killed my parents and--so I thought at the time--my brother. I know not why, nor how I survived. I do recall being then raised by a Sylvan family in Moonwood. My Sylvan sister was named Juren. I discovered I had a talent for alchemy.

When I grew older, I undertook a quest to discover the fate of my brother. It was during this time that I was captured by the Emperor Mobius for my alchemy skills. However, I flatly refused to mix any potions for him--and so was exiled.

On the Lok'grotons, much to my surprise, I found Juren. And--I found Algernon. His face was similar to my brother's face in my dim memories and he appeared to be my elder by about the same number of years that my brother was. Most unusually, he had an uncanny ability to tell the time. My parents used to constantly comment on my brother's life-long talent for this. Thus I am convinced that Algy is my long-lost brother.

The goal of protecting innocents is especially important to me after I realized the damage that had been done to my brother and his decreased mental capacity. Initially, I joined the Clan of the Little People for that reason. However, the clan proved to be too small, so I squired with Shrub to be a Knight--then started the Order of the Shield of Algernon?

My clan is The Order of the White Elephant. Being in a clan with a regular hunt and strong exiles who can teach me suits me well. I have taken up my alchemy works, as well as pathfinding, and rescue healing. I also spend a lot of time in the Pitch Caves with the Pitch Assault Group

I am happily married to Nettle and Drablak and we have adopted T'liiq? into our family.

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