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Xenos was a Thoom, was male, was a Healer, and was wearing the symbol of Hunter.

A notable Radium specialist who was one of the mightiest healers in the lands, rivalled only by other notables like Lorikeet or Suu'ub III. He was much beloved and is mourned by many, known as a fast friend and quicker wit and a pillar of the community for many, many decades. His ability to arrive in unexpected and unusual places was unparalleled, leading the community to collectively coin phrases like, "Xenos'd", meaning to be chained unexpectedly to a seemingly random place, or "pulling a Xenos" to indicate that one originally planned to go somewhere, but ended up on Metzeli island instead.

So raise a glass of ouzo to one of the late greats, for he shall never be forgotten until the lands themselves have been lost to time. Rest well, my friend.

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