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In each of the Strongholds belonging to the Brion brothers, deep within, lies many labyrinths or mazes. These so-called "zodiac mazes" are rumored to lead one to the Ethereal Planes. Successful navigation of these labyrinths, will depend on the current house of the Solar Zodiac. The enlightened paths will lead to skull circles in the Ethereal Plane, which contain the fearsome Guardians of the Boxes and their minions.

It is said that, "Defeating the Guardian reveals a box made of light, which contain the Armaments of the Ethereal Warrior". These items are said to have been created, "by the Moon, to defeat the wretched daughters of the shadowy one".

The known Armaments of the Ethereal Warrior include:
Ethereal Sword
Ethereal Boots
Ethereal Belt
Ethereal Helmet

Currently, Lugubrion's and Sombrion's zodiac circles have not been found. Although, writings found in the brothers' libraries would suggest that these paths lead to the Ethereal Shield and Ethereal Plate armor.

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