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Zynx is a Dwarf, is male, is a 3rd circle Fighter, and is wearing the symbol of the Sun Dragon Clan. He is tolerated by most, hated by some and liked by several. His best friends include Haakon? (currently missing from the lands), Blackhole (another member of SDC), Groggy Lenk, Cheops, and Koraleva (also currently missing from the lands).

He likes to advenuture, explore and coinwhore. His hobbies include hoarding coins, buying and designing houses, and expanding his wardrobe. He aspires to be a Ranger and only the third or fourth exile to acquire 1000 or more ranks worth of Darkus. He loves tangleberry pies, stout and pretzels. He is currently the leading Knight of the Order of the Triad, as well as one of its founders. He is in love with Koraleva.

Zynx is widely rumored to have passed away, though the exact circumstances of his death are debatable.

Mostly, he is known as an accomplished liar.

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