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Entering the library, you see a loosely bound tome sitting on the shelf. It appears to have been rebound many times, and flipping through its pages, you notice that much of the book has been written and rewritten by different hands.

You turn to the front page, on which an introductory note is written:

"Welcome to the Puddleopedia. The Puddleopedia is an attempt to gather all the knowledge of the residents of Puddleby in one central location. The Puddleopedia is a communal project, and all residents of Puddleby are free and encouraged to participate. We hope that you find the following pages to be interesting and informative, and that you will help contribute to this collaborative effort."

The next few pages contain instructions for how to contribute to the Puddleopedia:

  • To add a new entry, begin by typing in a URL like:

Do not make an entry and leave it with blank information. This has been done too much recently.

Substitute anything you like (your name, for example) instead of "EntryTitle" in the URL.

Entry titles have to start with a capital letter, and be one word only--no spaces or punctuation. Examples:
ShanDeral, not Shan Deral
LokGroton, not Lok'groton
  • To edit an existing page, start with "(Edit Page)" after visiting that page.
  • To link words to another entry, use either of two methods:
1. Surround words with "{{" and "}}" when the link words and target entry are similar. Example:
{{Shan Deral}} links to the entry "ShanDeral" (the text all joined together into one word) and displays "Shan Deral" (the curly-bracketed words themselves) .
2. Use "" and ""--link words and target entry can be completely different (or not). Examples:
[[LokGroton our home]] links to the entry "LokGroton" (the first word) but displays "our home" (everything after the 1st word).
[[LokGroton Lok'groton]] links to the entry "LokGroton" (the first word) and displays "Lok'groton" (everything after the 1st word).
Tip: this method needs to be used for any names that include apostrophes. Sylvans in particular please take note.

There are many blank scraps of paper lying around, as if waiting for future notes to be added to them.

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