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Agratis is a plane of existence which borders our own. The residents of Agratis occasionally take corporeal form to visit Puddleby. These Agratis appear as very weak exiles, and take many different forms, but usually go by the same name. Their names are as follows:

Agratis Brax
Agratis Denden
Agratis Devalyn
Agratis Feffer
Agratis Goliana
Agratis Groona
Agratis Haroon
Agratis Idorill
Agratis Korak
Agratis Krak'ha
Agratis Laneil
Agratis Lor'pik
Agratis Lulu
Agratis Mellin
Agratis Petro
Agratis Risa
Agratis T'rrow
Agratis Voran
Agratis Yttrane
Agratis Zhornak

It is rumored that the exile Fiona was once an Agratis, but that she came over to the material plane to become a full-bodied human.

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