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A Sylvan Healer. Astrid first walked the lands shortly following the Event known as The Great Forgetting. Following the departure from the lands of Ananna and her sister, Spit, Astrid suffered from depression and retired to the library. She was seldom seen until the Ripture war, when she exited to fight along side the other healers of Puddleby as they struggled to close the Riptures before they destroyed the pre-war world.

Astrid is believed to be decended from a Sylvan tribe known for their unusually long life spans. She herself claims to be over 400 years old, and to remember the Wars of Unifaction on Shan Darel. These claims of course, cannot be substantiated.

Astrid is known to be a member of the Red Quill, and is the last member of the de Gama Sisterhood who still walks the lands with any regularity. She is also known as the sister of Spit. This latter reference is believed to represent a blood realtionship, rather than a simple affiliation.

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