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The Bakery is a three-story building found to the east of Town Center, owned by Gatoh Becker. It is a halfling's paradise, filled with all manner of baked goods and treats such as chocolate-chip cookies, pretzels, and tangleberry pies.

All of these and more can be purchased at the Bakery, and exiles can even learn how to bake their own pastries, using the Bakery's very own recipies.

The helpful employees of the Bakery are Derba Switt, Lob Dertart, Lotte, Meri Buffin, Pepit Shoco, Petit Shoco, Serti, Thos Wheating, and Watel Marron.

Floor one of the bakery is dedicated to the selling of bakery goods. Floor two is where exiles can learn the art of baking and begin to create their own confections. The third floor is dedicated to the Goddess of Goodies?, where Patissi Becker will happily accept offerings to the Goddess in order to display them about the room.

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