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The art of wielding the bloodblade, sacrificing one's own spirit and blood for massive attack power. Many who bloodblade are members of the Nacerean Order, though there are those who study this dark art independently.

The narrower the path a bloodblader walks between life and death, the more power they are able to tap. Because of this, self-mutilation is an integral part of the bloodblader's path. It is not uncommon to see a fighter skilled in use of the bloodblade dispatch a foe that had resisted the efforts of many powerful fighters. However, the nature of their craft brings bloodbladers great weakness. Shortly after putting down a creature many times more powerful than themselves, bloodbladers may fall prey to creatures that would ordinarily pose even the newest exile little threat rats are a famous example.

Bloodbladers also have access to a bloodstone ring which allows them to resist the attempts of Puddleby's Healers to assuage their wounds (and thus weaken their ability). This ring is rumoured to have other effects, but they are unknown to the public.

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