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Fighters that use the power of the bloodpool and Blood Magic to further their abilities, by use of the bloodblade and Bloodstone Rings.

A guild of bloodmages maintains a presence on Puddleby somewhere deep under the Savannah. Before details of this guild emerged, the Nacerean Order was the closest thing to any such guild shared by Puddleby's bloodmages. In more recent years, as details have emerged about the bloodmage presence in the island chain, some have still referred to all Puddlebean bloodmages as members of the Nacerean Order, despite that term originally having applied just to those wielders of the blade.

Bloodmages, having attained enough skill to perform elementary blood magic through use of a bloodblade, have pledged themselves to the bloodpool and, in turn, been granted access to more advanced abilities. These abilities draw on the power of the bloodpool and blood collected and stored by the mages to weaken and deceive enemies. A skilled bloodmage, though their methods may be unsettling, can be an essential part of many difficult hunting parties.

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