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A fairly large settlement near the north shore of Dal'Noth but directly south of Votenkath's castle. The sole aboveground town on Dal'Noth has defensive walls much like Puddleby, and is bordered to the south by a river flowing parallel to its gates. It is thought to be the wizard Qual's original home, Darshal, from which he was long ago exiled.

Though it has a large variety of buildings, many of them still useable, very few are used as places of residence. Instead, the ghastly inhabitants of the village wander between its gates making trouble for visitors. All sorts of Noths may be found here, and it is a common place for Pallidew and Landew to proliferate.

Even disregarding its inhabitants, it is an uncomfortable place to be. The forlorn, haunting cries of mournful wailing souls reverberate frequently here. These calls for help are a sad, affecting sound, to even the most stoic exile.

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