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The Dark Bubbling is an evil and parasitic being that lurks deep below Dal'Noth Isle. Though it is a singular being, it is also many — the fungal dews and Noths are parts of its whole, and those who were infected with implanted 'dews were connected to it as well. The Dark Bubbling is an ancient being, and is said to be well over 400 years old. This is known, because Qual the Wizard was its agent for four hundred years, and said it predated him by many moons.

The Dark Bubbling infects exiles with its children, the sporous 'dews, and turns them into mindless 'Noths. Qual the Wizard, who once terrorized Dal'Noth, is said to have been infected by a greater spore that kept him from completing his transformation into a 'Noth. All of the other 'Noths of Dal'Noth Isle were also once people, who were infected and possessed by the Bubbling.

Upon being undewed, Qual told of the Dark Bubbling's attempts to make another great spore — one that would allow it to make a new nest. He told of it being trapped in its den far beneath Dal'Noth, which it had laboured hard to reach. It was said that those finding the Dark Bubbling need be wary of the Landew breeding grounds found close by.

The only weapon capable of harming the Dark Bubbling is the Separ, which was designed by the Kala Shana? in order to defeat the evil being. Lore tells of the Kala Shana creating the Separ for use in their battle against a young wizard — it is unknown whether this wizard underwent some transformation to become the Dark Bubbling, or whether he might have even been its first host. Thus far, however, exiles have been unable to find the secret caves in which the Dark Bubbling resides.

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