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Albion's Greymyr Studies Edited by Parintachin?


The following are my studies of the Greymyr, a race of giant rock creatures that hail from a equally great ancient village to the east of our Puddleby.

The Greymyr are mighty behemoths of the Eastern Mountains. They are most impressive creatures visually. Made of the hardest rocks of the earth, they are nearly indestructable. But make no mistake; they can be killed. My studies should prove that there is no reason to hunt these beings. I have seen no definite show of prejudice against us, so I must condemn our attacks on them.

A History of the Greymyr: An epic history, the Greymyr have. They were born as Second Children and have existed on the Lok' Groton islands ever since. I do not believe their kind is found anywhere else in the world, but if they are, the Greymyr of this island have given no indications of contact with other lands. It is not certain how the Greymyr were born or if they still birth, but I have managed to piece together some idea. I believe that a group of Elder Greymyr's were created in the beginning, by the Sun. These Greymyr had unique abilities. Some of these Greymyr had capabilities of a magical nature. It seems that these Greymyr used spell scrolls to create new Greymyr. They would carve a form out of the rock, and give it life with this magic. I believe that these scrolls were destroyed in the war with the Undine, rendering the Greymyr without the ability to procreate. Greymyr do not die of old age, and the Greymyr of today are the same that were created before the War of the Undine. I believe that every Greymyr we kill brings us closer to wiping out their population. After their creation, the Greymyr expanded their small civilization to cover the whole of what we know as Puddleby Island. They did not confine themselves to the Eastern Mountains as one may think. They prospered long across the island, though I don't have a true timeline to say how long. They Greymyr have no need to eat (being of rock) but they do need to sleep. When they do, they simply stand and 'shut-down' their conciousness. It would be an eerie sight to see these monstrous things, standing silently and motionless in the dead Moonlight.

Disaster innevitably came. The Undine became insanely jealous of and angry at the prosperity of the Greymyr. They waged war with the Greymyr from their Dark Temple on Ash Island. But what creatures of the Undine could destroy the Greymyr? There were not enough Wailing Spirits or Greater Deaths in the Undine ranks to pose a serious threat to the Greymyr. The answer came in the form of ranks upon ranks of Abyssal Hunters - But these are the children of the Spirit Lords are they not? I have pondered that on the true motives of the war against the Greymyr and I believe they come from deep within the diseased minds of the Spirit Lords themselves. It would certainly be easy enough for the Lords to exploit the death hungry Undine into going to war. This I must investigate further, though it may entail "researching" Undine history(which is not a subject I look forward to).

The Greymyr originally made their stand against the Undine at their stronghold, located on the site of our Puddleby. I learned that the rocky beaches of the north and south were not natural. They were constructed by the Greymyr as a protective wall, with boulders brought from the Eastern Mountains. The undine could not break through this barrier, so they chose a new route. They tunneled deep under the surface, and dug out a large cavern under the west bank of the North Bridge. There they assembled their armies, and stormed the surprised Greymyr from behind. The Greymyr were being slaughtered because the Abyssal Hunters outnumbered them - and were back by thousands upon thousands of the Lesser Undine hordes. Eventually the Greymyr retreated back to the Eastern Mountains to survive. I believe this has something to do with the Greymyr Chiefs saying, " We come from the rock, we return to the rock." They expanded their civilisation beyond the mountains, but in this crisis they were forced to return there.

In the mountains the Greymyr made their final stand, along with an inadvertant ally: the Wendecka. I am told by the Chief that the Wendecka of those time were much smarter than they are today, more civilised. As they still do know, the Wendecka lived in the higher peaks and came down to the passes and lower lands for food. When the lesser undine, hooded Corpses and Faithless, etc. came through the passes the Wendecka would attack from their advantageous perch above, Not necessarily out of defence of the Greymyr but out of defence of themselves, and perhaps because they were just hungry... and Undine meat is meat all the same to a Wendecka. The commanding Greater Deaths of the Undine were furious and sent hordes the Spirit Lords' Demonic and Dark Vermine to kill the Wendecka. Luck was with the Wendecka however: a plague struck the vermine, leaving them do die a viscous death. Obviously, a plaque would not have affected the Lesser Undine as they are already dead and disease-ridden.

In the next battle, the Abyssal Hunters raged their way through the passes, forcing the Wendecka to retreat to the high ground, letting the Hunters through to the Greymyr village. Here, in the village, they could use something which the Undine had forgotten: Rock Throwers. Out in the grasslands they lacked the great rocks for these mighty stone throwers. These Greymyr would take a large boulder and lob it at the enemy, and in theis case, smashing the skeletal bodies of the Abyssal Hunters to pieces. With this, the Greymyr beat back the Hunters, chasing the remaining Undine out of their Mountains forever. Sadly, although the war was over, the Gremyr were, in truth destroyed.

After the battle the Greymyr realised what the Undine's target: the magical scrolls used to create Greymyr lay in charred remains across the floor of their temple. Although many Greymyr still remained, there would never be more. They had truly suffered a total and utter loss. Since then the Greymyr have lived in deep sorrow, never speaking of their fallen glory. I often wonder why they would even tell me any of it, after all we Exile have done to them: taunt, lure, trap and destroy.

In these times, the Greymyr live in their ancient village located in the Eastern Mountains. The vilage still carries the ruined scars of the war, as if the Greymyr have made no attempt to repair or rebuild it. The surrounding peaks are poulated mostly by Bloodhawks, which scour the low ground in the passes. These are, in turn, the main source of food for the modern Wendecka. These Wendecka are supposedly very stupid and ignorant. The Greymyr honour the pride of their intelligent Ancestors but despise these brainless apes. They constantly chase the creatures out of their village but rarely kill them, as Greymyr are so slow and hulking. In the Greymyr lands there are a series of 'wells'. I have noticed they seem to be of far newer architecture than the rest of the village. They have huge ladders which extend deep into darkness. I have noticed that the Village seems so empty, for all the Greymyr said to still live. I have a theory that there may be much more to the Greymyr. Perhaps they have built themselves a new empire, underground. The great speaking Arachnoid once told me that they were becoming annoyed with Greymyr intruding on their territory. The geography of the land and behaviour of both species seems to make in inlikely they would ever meet under the sun. But if the Greymyr have extended underground, it is possible their caves have intermingled. An interesting notion.

You will find Greymyr in fair abundance in their village. They sometimes venture out into the forest for wooden supplies. You may also find them excercising their curiosity by coming to town. Relationships The Greymyr bear no known close relationship to any other beast. They only share their habitat with the Wendecka and Bloodhawks of the region. They had a communicative relationship with the Ancestral Wendecka but it has long since faded away. Speculation has been made at some sort of relationship to the Sentinels, but I am not sure if there is any true correlation.

Greymyr society is split into groups or strains, based on their abilities. Some of the strains might be: Warriors, which are balanced in their strength and attacking abilites. Observers and Searchers, who venture into the lands to explore and observe. These would be skilled at defending themselves yet not so strong in attacking. Rock-Throwers, which are reletively weak, by Greymyr standards of course, and are heavy defenders of the lands. They hurl large boulders where possible and carry 'small' throwing rocks at the hip. There would be Greymyr Mages, though I have not seen these. Though their ability to create Greymyr are now unusable, I feel their powers would extend far beyond that. Each Greymyr Strain would have a Chief, perhaps more. I have so far refered to these as Elders(the original creations of the Sun). It is the Chief of the Observer strain which stands in the village at all times.

After all I have discovered, I feel that the Greymyr have no prejudices towards us. If they did, I suspect they would attack frequently and in numbers far greater than one or two.

Parintachin: I once said something like, "A massive invasion of Greymyr would be the worst". An exile remarked, "What, you mean like four of them?" Ten could easily destroy Puddleby, so I believe that we are staying here at their lesiure, not vice versa. If my findings and speculations on their scrolls are correct, it shall be my life-long goal to help find the Greymyr a new way, if not new scrolls, to create more of their kind. At the very least I shall aim to stem the ignorant oppression of these majestic, huge beings. I hope that my studies have been enlightening for you all, and I hope you take these words into account.

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