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The Hamini are a very shy and peaceful race. They love to live in peace, do their work, drink a beer and smoke. One of their favourite activities are large festivals. They always find a reason to invite their friends and celebrate. As they are not very interested in war and fighting, most of them prefer to help other people and to become healers. They are very fond of songs and poems. Their poetry is very different from the Elithren poetry. They like to sing about the merry side of live, many of there songs treat about parties, beer and laziness. The Hamini very quickly made friends with all the races they've met. That's mainly because of their merriness and the good festivities they love to celebrate. They are famous for their gardens and are trading vegetables with most other races, especially the Lepori.

  • Strongfoot Hamini: The Strongfoot are famous for their endurance. They love to wander around in the wilderness, exploring new regions or visiting their preferred resting places. Most of the Hamini fighters belong to this group.
  • Greenhand Hamini: The Greenhand are very famous for their cooking and brewing. They are excellent hunters and gardeners. The not only work in their own gardens, many of them believe that the whole world can be seen as a garden and has to be protected.
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