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The Honestu are the biggest race in numbers. They are spread over the hole know world and have contacts to most other races. The other races arranged with the Honestu and there are trading relationships between them. It is said that they are egoistic and believe to be the most important race in the world.

  • Northlanders: Living in the cold and hard northern coasts, they are sailors and fighters. They are very strong and rough people. They like to drink very much and start fights with no reason. Other Honestu try to keep away from the Northlanders, as no one knows how to treat them right.
  • Arilianer: The largest culture of the Honestu is the most common one, which can be found nearly every where in the lands. They are mostly merchants, but there can also be found many bards among them.
  • Wild Honestu: This group of Honestu lives in tends in the great plains. They will only stay for a short time in one place. Some of them are farmer and merchants, but many clans are dreaded robbers. They have good connections to the Drakh Nor of the People of the Axe.
  • Desertpeople: Very few of the Honestu prefer the hostile desert to the other lands. Most of them are nomads, wandering around together with their herds, but there are also rumours of large palaces hidden in nearly unreachable places. If they choose a profession, they try to become a real master in it.

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