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There are many Orders of Knighthood in Shan Deral. Each Order has its own rules and vows, but in general Knights are people dedicated to living in an honourable and just manner. Although Knighthood on the Western Continent is effectively restricted to the noble classes, in Lok'Groton exiles of any profession may attain Knighthood merely on the strength of their honour and their adherence to the vows.

Most of the Knights in Lok'Groton are members of The Order of True and Gentle Knighthood, an Order recently formed in Puddleby. However, some individuals are Knights-Errant, and are not affiliated with this Order.

--sir Sleipnir Na Gralam

The Knights Guild is not a true Guild at all, but a loose collection of various Knights Orders. The Knights Guild maintains a building in North Puddleby, called the Hall of Chivalry?, which helps to formalize the process of becoming a knight.

Knighthood has a long and storied history among the humans of Shan Deral, where it is restricted strictly to males of noble blood. The practice of knighthood was brought over to Puddleby by notable knights such as sir Sleipnir Na Gralam. Knighthood in Puddleby is much more tolerant than it is on the mainland, and is open to all races and genders.

To become a knight, one must first find a willing knight or "knight-errant" (a knight who belongs to no Order) and become their squire. A squire is given a Squire's Shield? and serves under their knight until such time that the knight feels that the squire is ready to become a full-fledged knight. At that point, they are given a Knight's Shield and are free to squire their own knights, or create an Order of their own.

It is customary to greet knights by the honorific "sir" and female knights by "ser."

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