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A lost race.

The long ears, the wiry body, the distinct incisors and the fluffy fur resemble some relation with rabbits and indeed Lepori have. They are known for their luck, in fights and gambling. Some people say their feet increase Luckus. Lepori are nearly all addicted to carrots, like being petted and are said to have enormous mental abilities. Bad tongues say, that this is only said because every physical ability of a Lepori is not really admirable. This is the main reason why members of this ground liking race fall so often and are often thought to be reckless.

There are only few of them living in the world, but they prefer to live in rather large groups and there are rumors that once there were families with over hundred members living together in a burrow. The traditional housing of the Lepori are holes in the ground, much deeper and with more branches than the houses of the Hamini. Most of them are vegetarians and seem to be crazy about carrots. There seem to be some kind of love-hate- relationship between Lepori and Hamini. The Hamini gardeners love Lepori as theirs customers, but at the same time tell everyone the they always steal their carrots. They have a natural talent for the mastery of magical energies. They are a very cheerful and funny race, who always laugh and do funny things. Even their magi laugh and make jokes most of the time, in contrast to the ones of other races.

They have strong spiritual powers, equal to even a Thoom, and can keep their balance. Some also call Lepori rabbits or bunnies.

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