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Luareli is a Sylvan, is female, is a Healer, and is wearing the symbol of the Clan of the Purple Tor. She was exiled for offense against the Ascendancy, but claims that she was treated unfairly. She and the exile Mira Willow were sent to Puddleby on the same boat and were fast friends. Luareli later met the exile Xaria, who was quickly accepted into her clan. She seems to be attractive to Slayer, who continuously tells her of his love. Someday she hopes to rise to be a great healer.

Memories of a sad life plague Luareli. For a long time, she thought she was the only one alive in her family. Her mother, father, and brother died in a fire purposely set on her village. She had heard that her sister died in the war. As it turns out, Meina was recently exiled and rejoined her sister.

Luareli's entire family lived in a small village of which Luareli can not remember the name of.

When she was old enough, Meina abandoned her family and went to fight in a war. Luareli's family was shocked when Meina left, and Luareli had to take over Meina's duties. Zane had taught Meina how to hunt and fight, and, now that she was gone, he tried to teach Luareli. She never quite caught on, however.

Several years had passed and everyone was used to Meina not being home, and Luareli was fine with doing twice as much work. So she went out to hunt with Zane, a special treat for her, and when they came back, the entire house was in flames. Zane warned her that it was dangerous, and he would be right back, then disappeared into the ever growing flames to find Luareli's mother and father. That was the last time she ever saw her brother.

Luareli, shocked and confused, looked around and saw that every house was on fire. She all of a sudden understood that the fire had been set on purpose. She began to panic when she saw someone running away from the village, holding a sort of box in their hands. Luareli wanted to run into the house and tell Zane that the fire was set on purpose but she remembered his warning. And something inside of her told her that all of a sudden, she was alone. Luareli stood there, shocked and feeling terrible pain, barely able to accept it.

Luareli realized there were two people left in her family: Meina and herself. Meina could have already been dead in the war, but Luareli was too desperate to think about that. She ran away from the village, tears falling down her face, and she never looked back.

When Luareli heard of the death of her sister, she was again in a state of shock and confusion. She realized with horror that she was the only survivor.

A few people thought they saw Luareli start the fire, and accused her of witchcraft, which was never proven to be true.

Luareli's moonstone was given to her by her mother, and Luareli was exiled before she knew how to use it. The moonstone is the only thing Luareli has to remind her of her mother. Her longsword was given to her by her father, it being the only thing to let Luareli remember him, though she generously gave it to her good friend Selia. But Zane gave Luareli the knowledge more important than anything in the world to her, and his image is always on her mind.

Luareli holds a training ledger in all of the languages.

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