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The Maqua are a very peaceful race of sailors much like the Thoom. They normally live near the water, either the ocean or lakes. They are famous for their intelligence and knowledge. Just as any hunting group should have a Nor fighter, they also should have a Maqua healer among them. They are very peaceful and avoid fighting if possible, but if they are forced to fight they can be dangerous enemies. Not very much is known about the live of Maquas. It is said that they pass the first weeks (or even month) of their lives under water, and that they have to bath in water frequently. In their houses you will always find a bowl of water or even a river or small lake.

  • Sea Maquas: The largest group of Maquas live close to the ocean, some of them even spend their whole lives on boats. They normally don't have to fight because they always can flee onto the ocean, where no enemy can chase them. That's why one will find mostly healers and maybe some mages in this group.
  • Lake Maquas: Some of the Maquas left the seas in ancient times and settled on the shores of lakes and big rivers. They can be often found wandering around visiting lakes and rivers. As they lost the protection of the ocean, there can be found more fighters among them.
  • The others: None of the other Maqua cultures like to speak about them, but there exists a Maqua culture that specialized in fighting. They live mostly on small islands deep in the oceans and are feared by all seafarers.

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