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Phantasms are temporary illusions in the minds of sentient beings. Non-sentient beings will never see a phantasm.

To create a phantasm, you must be trained by Asteshesha, a woman who resides in Umbrion's Keep. You must have one of the phantasm spells copied to a piece of special parchment and attached to your phantasomomicon, a book made to contain such spells. To obtain a phantasmonomicon you must trade a pinch of catsbane for a test to see if you they qualified. Once you complete the test you are able to get a phantasmomicon in exchange for 1000 coins.

In order to create an illusion, you need to copy a phantasmomicon page into their book, and then activate the spell indicated on that page to make it. Several of Asteshesha's assistants can help you do such things such as making your illusion appear and disappear, lock in one place, et cetera. The illusion can be moved by facing the direction you wish it to move in. With more training it will stay in existence longer, and will move faster. (The Phantasm Guild is a clan devoted to making phantasms, made up of members of the Phantasm Guild.)

The development of new phantasms is done by the scholar Senfantia, who resides in Colmert's Keep.

There are several who have devoted copious time and effort to the training of Asteshesha's lessons, such as Strafuli and Sativa.

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