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Part III: Adytum and the Dialith

In the midst of the ripture battles, a new portal appeared in the Abyss. It led to Adytum, a strange place of billowing mists and waves crashing on barren shores. Somewhat south of that lay another area, separated into three regions, entirely empty but for a few eerily glowing spots and the ever-present mist. A portal in one corner of Adytum led to Purgatory. From there one could return to the normal plane of existence in the usual way.

In the middle of Adytum stood the Dialith, two tall obelisks bearing inscrutable markings. Many wise exiles pondered the meaning of those markings, yet even now we can only guess at their import. The most popular explanation is that the images represent the three classes: at the bottom, a fighter's sword; above that, the healer's hall, a mystic's books, and an obelisk.

Much of what we learned of the Dialith came from a Vampire we did not entirely trust. He had appeared long before in less favorable circumstances, caused considerable destruction, and placed his mark upon a few exiles. In this situation, however, it appeared that his cause was parallel to our own. Though he never spoke clearly of his own intentions, he sought out those bearing his mark and spoke with them of the Void and the forces behind it. With Astral Spark's reassurance we cautiously accepted his assistance.

With the help of the Vampire and Astral Spark, we sought to activate the Dialith, though we did not yet know its function. A large group of apprentice mystics stood pressed against the stones, feeling their warmth and the flow of energy currents within them, as dozens of selfless exiles cross-linked their spirits with them and leaped into the nearest ripture. Time passed as the currents strengthened, and finally -- success! The Dialith transported one of those fallen in the Void to Adytum. Then another, and another. Exiles fallen in the Void began appearing in Adytum even without linking their spirits to those touching the obelisks. The final test: everyone moved away from the Dialith, and miraculously the fallen kept appearing at our feet. The Dialith was awakened.

Now that exiles falling into the riptures were carried to Adytum rather than to the Void, a 24-hour healer watch was posted in Adytum, so that none who appeared there fallen would have to depart. Indeed, many healers took to sleeping in Adytum. Stepping into a ripture was a much surer route to Adytum than battling the beasts of the Abyss, but only if a standing healer was present. We did not know what the next days might hold, but it seemed clear that Adytum would be crucial, and a quick path there might be important.

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