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The Sirrush are a very impressive race. Their hard skin and the large tail give them a remarkable appearance. This also helps them during fights, which make them good fighters. They prefer a warm climate and seem to move slower if it gets colder. That is also the reason why you can see Sirrush sitting in the sun for hours. Sirrush can be found in many of the warm regions of the world, from the deserts to the hot jungles.

  • Common Sirrush:
    Most of the Sirrush belong to the Common Sirrush, a name the other races gave them, because the Sirrush are very social and normally don't form special groups.
  • Cave Sirrush:
    A very special group of Sirrush prefer to live in specific caves. These cave have to be very warm, that is why they normally can be found near hot springs or volcanoes. They have very few contacts to the other Sirrush cultures.
  • Water Sirrush:
    The Water Sirrush can be found near rivers or lakes. They love swimming and normally live on small islands near the shores.

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