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The stonegirdle is a Fighter Tool available to Champions. Using the Champion's personal earthpower harnessed by Toomeria, it gives the wearer the characteristics of a stone wall — the unyielding fortitude and tremendous defense, even down to the Champion's skin acquiring a cool, dusty grey.

Both bane and boon to the community, the ability of Champions to use a StoneGirdle to transform themselves into semi-animate stone ranges between a fleeting moment of incredible durability useful for giving a group time to retreat to almost demigod-like nigh-invincibility, the latter of which can make even tiny hunts happen in extremely dangerous places like Haunted Fane?, but also causes the gods much chagrin as they attempt to arrange trials for exiles which will not be trivialized by the presence of an almost unkillable fighter.

The amount of health given during use of the girdle increases as one trains more with Corsetta, and benefits from Histia training. While in stoneform, champions have effectively infinite defense, and so will brick everything other than luck hits.

These increase to health begins after the thirtieth lesson — until then, one is not proficient enough to use the girdle at all. The girdle's reaction to earthpower is a result of its active ingredient, Greymyr dust.

When the Champion initiates a stoneform transformation, the state of their body is 'frozen' beneath the layer of stone generated by earth magic, meaning that even if the user is fully healed while stoneformed, when the effect ends, their body will return to the state it was in when they used the StoneGirdle.

This has the unfortunate side effect of leeching Radium healing, an undesirable side effect that requires incredible skill* to counteract, via modifying the outer layer of stone to deflect the moon energies of Healer asklepian magic.

One must train with Nomoss? to learn to move at all while stoneformed. Without Nomoss? training, critters such as goats can punt one around relatively easily. Additionally, the speed enhancing effect of the ethereal boots still functions, which can significantly improve stoneform's usability. One does, however, need to be able to acquire them.

* Many hundreds of trainings with Corsetta.

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