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The Urdar are a small race that lives mainly in the mountains. They are famous for their skills in stone carving, working with iron and finding gems. The most popular product of the Urdar though, is beer. They make the best beer and like to drink it themselves. Not only because their innate dislike of sharing beer, but also because they are very hard negotiators it is said that Urdar are very greedy. They are a very social race though, but also very stubborn. Urdar are very strong and very enduring, which makes them very good fighters. It is rare for an Urdar to become a healer or a mage, but history tells about some powerful Urdar healers and mages. Other races sometimes say that the Urdar don't smell very good, something that no Urdar understands.

  • Gem Urdar: The "Masters of the Gems" are the best jewellers of the Urdar. No one can beat them at creating jewellery. Many nobles of other races ordered jewellery from the Masters of the Gems (and paid quiet much for them). As they are used in working with crystals one can find quiet some mages among them.
  • Stone Urdar: The “Masters of the Stone” are the best builders and stone carvers. They are masters of creating stone buildings, statues, etc. Many ancient buildings and statues were made by the Stone Urdar. They are also very famous technicians and know how to build locks and secret traps. Some of them are wandering through the lands, trying to learn from ancient artworks, repairing destroyed ones and creating new works.
  • Metal Urdar: The “Masters of the Metal” are the best blacksmiths among the Urdar. They create the best armour, weapons and tools made out of metal.They love their weapons as much as the Drakh Nor and they are formidable fighters.
  • Fire Urdar: The “Fierce Fighters” live hidden in the deepest caves of the mountains. For ages they have been living in war with the other Urdar cultures. No one has seen them lately and some Urdar believe that they were just an invention of old grandmas to scare the kids.
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