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Woodworking is the craft of making fine wooden products from raw logs of wood and sometimes other components. The woodworking shop is found in the middle of East Forest.

Currently, five items can be made in the woodworking shop: brooms, barrels, studded clubs, wooden shields, and shovels. Of these, the wooden shield is arguably the most desirable, as the cost of making it is significantly less than the amount for which Wiktus sells them in his weapon shop.

In Year 555, the shovel blade maker quit her job at the blacksmith's, and has not been seen since. As such, for two years, shovels could no longer be made by woodworkers, as the necessary component of a shovel blade was longer available. However, in Year 557, with the opening of the expansion of the Blacksmithy, it became possible to obtain shovel blades once again, through the crafting of a proficiently trained blacksmith.

Relatively few exiles have chosen to learn the art of woodworking, but there may be times when their skills will come in useful.

Woodworkers list (Winds of Dawn)

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