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According to the Creation Myth, the Ancients are the second children of the Moon, created with parts of the Sun and the Earth. The Moon imbued the Ancients with great power, so that they eventually grew to rule over the world, and bestowed the power of light to the Moon by tapping into the Land of Shadow.

However, at the objection of the Sun and Earth, the Moon took her second children, and cast them into the night sky, where they hang to this day as stars, keeping her company. However, legend tells that the Moon kept 12 of her children hidden from the Sun and Earth, and they presumably still walk the earth to this day, the last survivors of the Ancients.

It is a common habit of exiles to suspect any powerful beings that they run across to be Ancients. Gaia, Chum, Sunstone, Xusirevert, and Zonk have all been suspected of being Ancients at some point, though they, for their part, have mostly denied such claims.

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