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A new clan. We formed this clan to help players get into hunts and get more ranks.

We can be found ingame.

The Black Phoenix was founded by Brandon, but he has since moved on(to another clan).

Some of the members include;

Magnic[leader/3rd ranger],

Magnic's Alts;

 Captain Planet[4th Healer],
 Aldo Edward?[3nd Figter(in training for Champ)],
 Ulric?[3rd horus(750) Healer],
 Smeti?[3nd Fighter(in training for bloodmage)],
 Samagina?[1rd Fighter(Coiner 240 skea 290 dent)],
 Mimo?[3rd Healer]
 Cat Food?[2nd Healer]

 Gretslen? ,
 Mahar? [2rd Fighter],
 D'Ead [6th Ranger],
 Udon [Healer],
 Cerberus? [2nd Fighter],
 Sehza [5th Healer],
 Andariel? ,
 Mara? [2nd Healer],
 Knarf [2nd Fighter],
 Patch Logan [4th Fighter],
 Black Phoenix [1st Fighter],
 Ceowulf [4th Ranger],
 Helon?[3th Healer],
 Sunfang?[1st Fighter],
 Dentaku?[Apprentice Mystic]
 Dino-c? [3rd Healer]
 Ace [Fighter]
 Bastion [5th Ranger]
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