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Coriakin is a Thoom, is male, is a Healer, and is wearing the symbol of the Red Quill. He was previously a member of the Brotherhood of Independants.

He is a bard master, is known for wearing a black tuxedo at all times, and has his own scrolls in the library. He was a member of the Slyphonics. He is also known for an interest in alchemy and was involved in the discovery of several recipes, including potions of energy and tykan healing potions. He was the sole witness to Tessa Malthus receiving the Separ and using it to cleanse exiles of their neodew parasites, and carried it for a time before being tricked into giving it to the recently un-dewed Caddrel.

His past is mostly unknown, although he has mentioned being born in a small town on one of the Southern Isles, being kidnapped by Darshak, and escaping overboard when the ship neared Ash Island.

From the moment he arrived at Puddleby, Coriakin began devoting large amounts of his time to musical pursuits. He has written many songs, and was one of the first bards to experiment with writing duets and trios. For many years he was one of the few bards in possession of a (then very rare) Vibra, rumored to be stolen from Hendrux. He devotes much of his time to helping others with their music, and is almost always eager to talk with aspiring composers.

He has been involved in several bands over the years. The most successful was the Slyphonics, with Sleipnir, Forey, and Slyph. He has also been involved in projects with others including Ayella, Luna, Sutai, Xel, Xepel, Sareth, Poesy?, and Baraboo.

He dabbles in musicology, and has released a compilation of his songs for one instrument with commentary and analysis of each. Playing the songs will require mTooth or another bard composition tool, or they can be played in the practice rooms in the Bards' Guild hall.

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