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Daimoth is of the People, is male, is a Champion, and is wearing the symbol of Llehn ryn Rhav'tsath.

Patriarch of the Llehn ryn Rhav'tsath, Daimoth is an elegantly aged hunter. Though his once rich brown fur has silvered, he remains at his physical peak as lithe and robust as he ever has been. He frequently leads hunts with his prowl, especially through The Estuary?. As a seasoned fighter, he enjoys the challenge presented by facing off against his fellow exiles in Capture The Flag.

Moody and mercurial, Daimoth has made an array of enemies during his time in the Lok'Groton. His appearance attests to the mysterious personality he cultivates; he is usually garbed in dark or subdued hues, and has painted himself with cryptic symbols of unknown meaning.

He doesn't seem very fond of Mystics or Sylvans.

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