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The Dra'ryx, or more easy to pronounce 'drax' are a variety of wyrm smaller than a feral, and are known to come in two varieties. The normal variety, and the type that seem to vomit forth a fiery substance from a chemically active bladder located near their crop. It has been suggested that some have developed this ability in order to better capture and pre-digest food, much like their drakish cousins.

They are small, and tend to live in colonies or climates that are warm. Fire-drax are found where there is plenty of sulfur to consume as to fuel their bladders. Common drax are found on Metzetli Island , in addition to the east-forest cave-wurm colony on Puddleby Island, and of course the Sarra Plateau. They are also known to be kept as guardian livestock by Melabrion in his Zodiac Maze.

Bone structure suggests that unlike the Sazaja who walk on prominent front forelimbs, these walk on their back legs like a large flightless birds would. The real anatomical differences between the two varieties are the fire-crop, as well as highly developed esophageal muscles and diaphragm; with a great deal of drooling about the nose and jowls.

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