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Supreme ruler of the Ascendancy. Also known as the "Mad Emperor" to his enemies.

The history of Emperor Mobius is shrouded in mystery. What little is known about Mobius is that he is a human male (some rumors say he is a mystic), who acquired an army of Dark Sentinels and used them to win the war against the Darshak Theocracy. He then went on to declare himself the emperor of the entire continent of Shan Deral.

Interestingly, Emperor Mobius was apparently sickened by the violence and loss of life that took place during the war with the Darshak, and strictly forbade killing within his Empire. The result of this policy was that criminals were exiled, rather than killed, resulting in the exiling of the survivors of the Darshak war to the desolate isle of Gathner, and the later exiling of criminals and undesirables to the remote isles of Lok'Groton.

In recent times, the Emperor has become increasingly detached from the ruling of his Empire, with the day to day operations of the Ascendancy left up to the High Inquisitors, his most highly ranked officers. Some even question whether the Emperor is still alive at all, though there have been reported sightings of him. If these sightings are true, that would make the Emperor nearly 600 years old.

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