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Helios is a Halfling, is male, is a Journeyman Mystic, and is wearing the symbol of Astrum Lumini.

Helios arrived in Puddleby on day 69 of Summer, 566. He is very adamant that he is no criminal of the Empire and came to Puddleby of his own will rather than being forced into exile.

Coming from a long lineage of respected librarians, Helios has always had access to many interesting texts. Traveling through the cities of the Empire, Helios began collecting a small number of documents discussing small tribes of Mystics, mostly versed in short fictional stories. He had also began to collect a number of scrolls that spoke of the exploits of the 'Brion Brothers.

However such things are considered completely fictional on the Mainland, and according to Helios these fictional documents, along with many pieces of fine art, are burned and considered heresy to the long-lived Emperor Mobius.

Time passed in the mostly peaceful Empire until one dreary day. Strange clouds hung in the sky with a deep bluish tint and many of the Emperor's guards rushed toward the gate. Being a curious Halfling by nature, Helios snuck to the gate to investigate. There he saw for the first time Ethereal creatures mentioned in the "fictional" texts he had began to collect. The Emperor's guards easily vanquished the small number of creatures, and the Emperor held a public conference to announce that these creatures were simply sick animals wandering from the outskirts.

Helios knew better. Deciding that night that there was little more he could learn in the restrictive Empire, he fled to the shipyard by moonlight. There, he hid himself inside a keg (which he had to of course empty, first! *Hic!*) and stowed away on the exile ship heading for the Lok'Groton island chain. During the trip his large number of collected documents were lost, perhaps still lying at the bottom of a near-empty beer keg.

Upon arriving Helios quietly set out on his path to gather knowledge of the world around him. He soon discovered and introduced himself to a number of Mystics and decided that this guild of exiles had very similar goals as himself. Little is known of Helios' journey since becoming of a member of the Mystics Guild, however many assume he has spent some time studying the Ethereal Plane. More recently, Helios has been rumored to be spending a lot of time unraveling mysteries on Metzetli Island with members and friends of Astrum Lumini.

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