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The camps east of the Orga Camp in Tanglewood have always been a mystery. For the sake of simplicity they have been referred to as OC 1 through 4.

Not long after the Ripture war, exiles discovered that something was going on deep within the camps, especially on the day of the full Moon. Mystics could sense strong magic coming from deep within the woods. Because of this, they began a concerted campaign to encourage their fellow puddlebians to investigate the camps by raiding as deeply as possible on the full Moon day.

What were the Orga hiding deep within Orga Camp 4?

Repeated raids eventually revealed a small area adjacent to the pit area in the 4th camp. This area came to be known as The Power Room. It was discovered that this area was not always accessible, only on the day of the full Moon could it be found. But always it seemed empty...

Not until the 24th day of autumn in the year 539 did exiles finally learn what could be found there.

There were no fewer than four separate accounts of that first discovery in Year 539 of the secrets to the Orga Camps, plus one text on tactics. They were presumably once listed in the Puddleopedia Classic, but unfortunately, all of them have been lost--only the dead links to them remain. They are listed below anyway--places have been reserved for them in the current Puddleopedia, in the hope that their mention will remind readers of their existence, and that they may one day be recovered.

Lost accounts:

see also Azriel's account of the first discovery of the Power Room in his journal.

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