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First encountered in late Autumn, 551, the Razzia is a singular breed of Orga. They might be considered as scouts Razzia often dash ahead of the Orga hordes to determine the strength of the opposing force. They are also found near ambushes, ready to chain those who fall deep into Orga territory (typically to the first Orga Camp).

Razzia are adept chainers, carrying stout chains with which they pull fallen and helpless exiles. They are not easily trapped, as they are effortlessly able to pull themselves out of a bind. Furthermore, they are difficult to hit as their defensive capabilities rival those of the stronger Big Red Orgas. Whether or not Razzia cast bolts of flame is unknown, as reports have varied. It is suspected that while individuals may have, it is not a capability typical of Razzia as a group.

Razzia have mottled blue skin and wear a charcoal-grey sash across their chest. Besides the colour of their sash, they closely resemble Orga Zealots. When not doing reconnaissance during an invasion, they are one of the many type of Orga defending the Stronghold. The stout chains they use for their mischief are sometimes dropped as they are killed, but are a rare tool Smythus and his workers have been unable to recreate them in their forges.

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