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Though somewhat easier to strike than it's perpetually wet and blubbery cousin, the more-impressively appearing of the two varieties is considered the greater. Protected by a sheath of burgundy, pebbly, scale, its powerful musculature is emphasised by the reflections of its contours. This saurian has transluscent webbing between its long talons, and has stiff spikes running from its neck along its back to the tip of its tail. Its head is adorned with two impressive horns, giving it the look of a tribal chieftain, much like the moon-wyrm sire.

Sarra'yrms are uncommon in the land of Sarra, but where they are found they wreak havoc on those with the luck to have encountered them. They are quite difficult to hit, even after pouncing numerous times. They stalk in circles between attacks, preparing for the next assault and recovering their balance. Where they attack, they do so with a vicious proclivity for lethality. Their accuracy is unrivaled, and the damage inflicted by each attack is considerably more than that by creatures such as emerald tok'han.

As they bite, they bequeath a spiritual poison to their victim, leaving their spirit pool in increasingly critical condition. This condition can be treated by the use of a spirit curative potion. It is also rumored to be as amphibious as it's cousin, though none have been observed swimming. It has been thought that they remain hidden in the water for protection, and come out on land to hunt.

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