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Stinkfist is a Sylvan, is male, is a Bloodmage, and is wearing the symbol of the Pirate Clans.

He is the Pirate King of the Pirates of the Lok'Groton and is also a Captain of the Puddleby Navy, succeeding the first captain, Vagile Savane. He passed leadership of the Navy to Kalian, who serves as his first mate among the Pirates.

Slayer of foos who do not bow down to his half-baked awesome grand schemes and master of large scale battles or "rumbles" as he likes to call them. He prides himself on being so brain fog'd that evil magics won't effect him to the extent that he is rumored to have carved a darkstone into a bong. His training is so weird, many consider him his own subclass and not a Bloodmage.

BFFs with Necro and Barny, his officer of darshak logistical affairs.

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