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Kalian is of the People, is male, is a Ranger, and is wearing the symbol of Llehn ryn Rhav'tsath.

In Puddleby's earliest days as a penal colony, Kalian's parents were exiled for rebelling against the Ascendancy. Though his mother was sylvan and his father of the People, Kalian (conceived during the harrowing boat journey into exile) is not noticeably of sylvan blood. His ears are perhaps more acutely pointed, his figure perchance more lissome than most. Though his parents had grandiose plans of leading uprisings against the Emperor Mobius and his Dark Sentinels, these dreams were lost when his parents were lost in a wilderness raid against the Orga.

Raised in exile, Kalian has seen the rise and fall of many clans, including the Hokuten Knights before the Ripture War, and afterwards Red Nine, which he helped to found. He threw his lot in with the Pirates of the Lok'Groton and their captain, Stinkfist, eventually rising in the ranks to First Mate. Attracted to power and knowledge, he also wore the tattoo of Melabrion and served him as an informant and contact among exiles. In the service of Melabrion, he helped plan the design of Mud Golems, offering the bodies of fallen Greymyrs for Melabrion's scrutiny.

Kalian rose to prominence for his creative approach to fashion, and he proudly wore his bright and unusual ensembles to the hunts he frequented. This keen nose for good color led him to organize an exhibit of Puddleby's most interesting fashion, as described in this ThoomCare article. Stinkfist, who had grown to be a close friend, ceded leadership of the Puddleby Navy to Kalian.

He is a notable ranger, having hunted and studied most manners of creatures under the moon and stars. A snake-charmer, he wears the skin of a cave cobra to signify his dominion over the species. A well-known shieldstone wielder, Kalian unknowingly abetted Sarahia, Melabrion's escaped Sarir, in an escapade that inadvertently resulted in modifying the mechanism of shieldstones, so they were no longer able to weaken the creatures they exerted force against. He has extensively studied the ranger disciplines, and as a result is extremely powerful in combat against those creatures whose movements he has studied.

He can also teach others in such skills as Evus, Swengus, Balthus, Regia, Duvin Beastlore and Master Bodrus.

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