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TRAP is a relatively new clan that was founded in Spring of Year 574. The ideals of the clan are shrouded in mystery, even to its members - something about falling a lot, activating traps of all manners, and hopefully having fun while doing it. Hint of warning: don't ask what TRAP means, unless you are prepared to be bombarded with nonsense.

The Admirable Ackkbar is Clan Lord (may he reign forever).

Founding members are Ackkbar, Salazar, Nuniel, Fishylish, and Chex. Other members are Amethyst?, Iriel Red, Tiamat, Alexa?, Squirmy? Dyaus, Kaalaan, Cadeyrn?, Selia, Mutekan-Tok, Galvanon, Peace?, Flora?, Alucard?, Galaade, Trowl, Arian?, Nikoa? and Archer?.

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