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The Undine Hut is a small, dilapidated hut located on the northern edge of East Field. The hut is all but abandoned, save for a single, disgruntled farmer named Gronmad.

Below the hut is a wide cavern, inhabited by a variety of Undine, including a Wraith who has the power to temporarily turn exiles into the walking dead. The cavern beneath the Undine Hut also leads to a narrow tunnel, and to an even larger series of caverns, known as Alchemist's Folly.

It is not clear why undine infest this area, though it is commonly believed that they are the work of the Darshak. The hut was also once the site where the witch Lilit conducted her dark rituals.

The lesser undine in the area make the Undine Hut a popular hunting ground for low level exiles wishing to move beyond rats and myrm. The cavern below the hut is also infested with mushrooms, making it a good source of mutated spores.

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