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Votenkath is a powerful wizard that resides on Dal'Noth Island. His castle is located just north of the Dal'Noth Town, and is guarded by various undine.

During the time that Qual the Wizard terrorized Dal'Noth isle, Votenkath allied with exiles, and helped provide information on how to defeat Qual. It was Votenkath who first told exiles about the Separ (which he learned about through the Book of Demarkarth), and tasked them with finding the holy artifact.

After the defeat of Qual, Votenkath seems to have withdrawn from the affairs of exiles, and has not been seen in many years, though one can assume that he still resides in his castle.

Votenkath is responsible for the magic barrier under Dal'Noth Isle, which is said to be a back door to his castle.

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